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What cookies do we use? What are the they called? How long are they active? What do they do? Where do we use cookies?
Session Cookies „PHPSESSID”
Browser session
Session end (60 min.)
We use session cookies to omptimize and enhance our websites. Blocked or deleted session cookies do not affect the functionality of the website and its tools and functionalities. Session Cookies are being used throughout all global OSRAM websites.
Session Cookies „FORMASSEMBLY”
6 hrs
6 hrs
FormAssembly is a software we use to provide our users with online forms. The user’s session is being stored as a session within a cookie. Personal data will be anonymized according to the Federal Data Protection Act of Germany.
Web tracking cookies „CTCNTNM_[hash]” 90 days We are using a webtracking tool to get insights of how our users are interacting with the websites. To be able to collect and analyze data it is necessary to save web tracking cookies. The information collected does not contain personal data and is stored within a cookie. Therefore it is not possible to draw inferences from the data collected to the individual person. Read more in our privacy policy. Web tracking cookies are being used throughout all global OSRAM websites.
Third-party supplier cookies „ana_svc”
90 days
6 months
10 days
6 months
6 months
less than one year
1 year
1 year
less than one year
2 years
2 years
Third-party supplier cookies are used on the OSRAM Investor Relations websites to offer the AddThis social sharing function, that is implemented wthin an inline frame (iFrame). iFrames are HTML elements that allow us to display third-party content within the OSRAM website. If these cookies are being blocked or deleted no social sharing tools will be available. OSRAM does not have any influence on what kind of cokkies, how many and how long cookies are being stored by third-party suppliers within the iFrame. Osram Investor Relations
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